A pine cone that sows great ambitions

NP ROLPIN rethinks its image through a new logo, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. It thus declines the symbolism of the pine cone, to be in adequacy with the new ambitions of the company.

A growth dynamic

This logo in the shape of a pine cone has accompanied the history of NP ROLPIN since its beginnings. The new “anniversary logo” therefore starts at the root of the company and then develops more contemporary ramifications.

The pine cone symbolizes the birth of the tree. Its scales contain pine nuts which, once released and germinated, will give birth to new pines. A symbol for NP ROLPIN which continues its industrial growth dynamics, respecting the natural resource.

“This pine cone logo is the symbol of the industrial renewal of NP ROLPIN, since the takeover by the NANKAI PLYWOOD group. NP ROLPIN do not want to be only manufacturers of maritime pine plywood. We want to add value to our products through the development of new tools and machines, underlines Christian Desmé, the company’s director.

The NP ROLPIN logo: between tradition and technological change

This “anniversary logo” NP ROLPIN presents two faces. On the left, the pine cone in all its naturalness. A symbol of an ancestral local tradition, it testifies to the company’s involvement in the preservation of forestry know-how and the maintenance of forest resources.

On the right, the pine cone is sublimated. Thanks to optimized production and distribution tools, its design is becoming more designer. This graphic indicates the technological shift taken by the company. It is now turning to the manufacture of decorative products and its entry into digital life.

A pine cone, the starting point to reach new heights

Today, like the maritime pine, NP ROLPIN is reaching the age of maturity. Both of them hope to live for a long time, up to 250 years for the most beautiful specimens of maritime pine, and to spread out ever more beautiful branches.

This is what the new logo represents: a company that has taken root in the Landes region and that draws, from its territorial roots, the strength and vigor necessary to reach new heights.

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