A quality French plywood

NP ROLPIN makes it a point of honor to manufacture quality plywood, in French wood, exclusively designed in France. A pioneer in the manufacture of wooden elements, the company offers high-performance and innovative products made in France. It has a know-how, the result of more than 50 years of experience, recognized in this market.

Thanks to its integrated R&D laboratory, NP ROLPIN is experimenting new techniques. It carries out, internally, a daily technology watch. As a result, the company is able to meet the needs of its customers and offer products that are new to the market.

French plywood from maritime pine

Maritime pine, a native species adapted to the poor soils of the Landes, covers nearly one million hectares in the New Aquitaine region. Raw material for NP ROLPIN products, it is found in abundance in the region, with an estimated resource of 87 millionm3 of standing timber. The company NP ROLPIN manufactures 3 million m² of plywood per year. It has 5 patented ranges and 26 product references, benefiting from a total of 14 of the world’s strictest standards and certifications.

Scientifically proven performance

In terms of performance, ROLPIN NP plywoods meet the requirements of the NF EN 636-3 standard for use in outdoor environments. They are approved with the French marks NFExtérieurCTB X, some for a structural use, others for a non-structural use.

For the “structural use” part, the following characteristics have been tested and validated by the FCBA technological institute:

  • dimensional tolerances ;
  • bonding quality ;
  • organic sustainability;
  • mechanical characteristics (bending/module) ;
  • rigidity and strength for structural use;
  • formaldehyde release (class E1 – European standards).

A French plywood in all transparency

As a trustworthy company, working in full transparency for its customers and suppliers, the company makes all certificates and performance declarations available on its website for free download.
It also follows an ethical line of conduct, in order to maintain consistent values and business practices with all the actors linked to its production chain.

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