A virtual showroom for inspiration to grow

NP ROLPIN invites you to its virtual showroom, to discover its numerous products for decoration and interior design. Discover them, staged in different places and virtual atmospheres. This innovative immersive experience enhances the design of these maritime pine decors.

What is a virtual showroom?

The NP ROLPIN virtual showroom is an interactive journey, presenting the company’s catalog in an immersive 3D universe.

Available in free access on its website, the NP ROLPIN showroom offers very realistic renderings of the products. He then presents them in a classic showroom fashion or stages them in a set-up.

The client has the possibility to follow a predefined scenario or to freely adapt his movements in this environment. This makes it easier for him to project himself and get inspiration for his future projects.

A virtual showroom for an immersive customer experience

The path created by NP ROLPIN passes through several virtual rooms. After entering the company and its historical fresco, the customer is invited to stroll through a playful scenario.

In this original situation, the client discovers the rendering of YUI decors. Installed in a meeting room, an office, a bathroom, a hotel room or a restaurant… they enhance the interiors.

He can then build and customize his own project, virtually, with NP ROLPIN products.

Virtual reality, a revolutionary concept

And for an even more incredible experience, NP ROLPIN is on the cutting edge of technology! For example, the company relies on virtual reality to make people fall in love.

Unlike 3D, the customer is immersed in the products thanks to a VR (virtual reality) headset. He wanders in the same way in this virtual environment, just as warm as the reality.

This interactive showroom is regularly presented at trade shows to offer a new customer experience.

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