Healthy plywood brings nature into the home

Inspired by nature, NP ROLPIN products offer the best of maritime pine. Choosing an NP ROLPIN product means investing in sustainability and naturalness. It is also to privilege local and renewable resources, healthy for the habitat.

Wood, a source of well-being

The material wood has only qualities. It is by nature an excellent thermal insulator and helps maintain a good level of hygrometry in the home.

On the health side, wood helps to lower the heart rate and blood pressure of people. It also has antimicrobial properties and would thus limit allergic reactions, according to numerous scientific studies.

Thanks to its natural properties, wood brings a sense of comfort and well-being to everyday life.

Wood, a certified 100% renewable material

Wood is one of the few 100% renewable materials. The French resource is abundant and sustainably managed.

All the products proposed by NP ROLPIN are under PEFC mark (10-34-71). The PEFC standard is a certification allowing to maintain the biodiversity of the forests.

It promotes sustainable forest management worldwide. It compensates, through tree planting campaigns, for the forest removals related to its activity. Checks are carried out every year by certified and independent organizations.

Understand the different certifications of NP ROLPIN products.

NP ROLPIN plywood: sustainable wood products

Wood has a strong durability, through its aesthetic virtues, its ability to adapt to design trends and its structural capabilities.

Better yet, wood products continue the carbon retention begun by the tree during its growth phase throughout its life cycle. One cubic meter of wood is considered to store one ton of carbon.

Finally, wood products can be recycled or recovered at the end of their life, notably in the panel and paper industries or as fuel.

In wood, nothing is lost, everything is transformed! Find out where to find our product lines now.

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