NANKAÏ PLYWOOD, at our side to build the future

NP ROLPIN is part of the Japanese group NANKAI PLYWOOD, expert for more than 75 years in the manufacture and sale of interior design materials. It has a research center in Japan, a factory in Shido, a logistics center and a warehouse in Asahimachi. In order to develop its activity and to extend its influence in Asia, it first established itself in Indonesia. Two factories were built: the Gresik factory in Surabaya and the Lumajang factory.

Japanese excellence in interior design

Nankaï Plywood is the leader in building materials for interior design. Thanks to high value-added, qualitative and durable products, the group makes customer satisfaction a priority. Meeting the highest standards of quality control, Nankaï Plywood products ensure a high level of functionality. The group promotes quality manufacturing, with the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

Nankaï Plywood : positive innovation as a driving force

Nankaï Plywood takes on new and innovative challenges every day, thanks to a unique group philosophy. At the heart of its management, a CSR approach: Corporate Social Responsibility. Its objective is to contribute to the creation of a just society, in accordance with the laws and regulations.

His multiple collaborations are based on a system of trust. Their development is thus done in perfect harmony, between each stakeholder.

Nankaï Plywood to expand in Europe in 2014

In 2019, the group achieved a turnover of more than 135 million euros and is experiencing stable growth. Today, it employs more than 1600 people. With its success, NANKAI PLYWOOD conquers the European market. In 2014, the group focuses on France and buys the Landes company NP ROLPIN, located in Labouheyre (40), in the heart of the Landes de Gascogne forest.

Transfer of skills, company values… The group enriches day after day thecompany NP ROLPIN to ensure a perennial future.

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