NP ROLPIN wood decors, stars of design

NP ROLPIN decorative plywood panels are ideal for interior design and layout projects. They meet multiple needs and adapt to all situations. An overview of the infinite possibilities offered by NP ROLPIN plywood for architects, designers and wood lovers.

Wood decors for design layouts

The Jo&Joe hotel in Paris Gentilly

NP ROLPIN wood panels were used for the furniture of the Jo&Joe Open House. This place of conviviality in Paris Gentilly wants to be design and comfortable, between the youth hostel and the hotel.

A true place of sharing, this house is open to all and welcomes both locals and travelers. It offers 3 types of accommodation: dormitories, rooms and cabins.

Convinced by this first partnership, the future Jo&Joe hotels will have the same design interior layout. Several will soon open around the world (London, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro…) and will also be dressed in these wooden decorations.

The temporary homes of Walden’s architects

The Walden architectural association also used plywood panels in their design project “L’Atelier des Landes”. They have created temporary dwellings, named “Borde” and “Hut”, with their origami design.

From raw wood to design objects

Skateboards 100% Landais

Made in France and entirely handmade, Parabolik skateboards are made from Rolpin BATI plywood panels.

Parabolik skateboards stand out thanks to the board’s twist system. An innovation that offers new sensations and better performance.

Born in the heart of the Landes forest, this brand manages all of its production, from the transformation of the raw material to the shipment of the product, in an eco-responsible manner. NP ROLPIN products, PEFC certified, have a natural place in this process!

Gourmet stools

The Ublik design workshop and experimental laboratory has transformed this same product into a design stool. Called Gofr, because of its original waffle shape, the stool is available for sale in limited edition.

Design wood decors for original atmospheres

Finally, thanks to the new YUI® Design decorative range, varying interior ambiences has never been so easy and fun.

This collection, inspired by nature, offers amazing decorations in Landes Pine, ready to be installed. They are fixed by nailing on a frame, in order to realize wall facings, wall lining or decorative ceilings, without unsightly breaks during the assembly.

They can be used to make furniture (headboards, dressing room doors, desk tops, screens), objects or even paintings, like real works of art…

Many architects and designers have already been seduced by NP ROLPIN decorative and design plywoods!

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