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An industrial flagship specializing in plywood. Our family company NP ROLPIN, French industrial flagship, has been manufacturing high quality plywood products with high added value for 50 years. In 2014, the acquisition of our company by the Japanese group NANKAÏ PLYWOOD marks a turning point for our industrial activity. It now offers another dimension and new market opportunities to our company, specialized in the manufacture of maritime pine panels. Today, our company is an important player in the world of the wood industry and is active both in France and abroad. Learn more about our values and our engagements… Our teams, our essence. NP ROLPIN: plywood products with high added value We intervene in all fields by proposing products recognized by professionals, whether in industry (furniture, bodywork, crates, …) and distribution (dedicated to buildings, construction, interior fittings ).

With the help of NANKAI PLYWOOD Co Group, we are building the future of NP ROLPIN together. NANKAI PLYWOOD Co has over 75 years of experience in manufacturing and selling interior design products. NANKAI PLYWOOD is a recognized player in the interior design industry in Japan. It is the leader in its market thanks to its high value-added, qualitative, durable and environmentally friendly products. The Group makes customer satisfaction a priority. NANKAI PLYWOOD premium products meet the highest standards. Half a century at the service of the development of the maritime pine.Many signals are pushing us to shape our development strategy and our engagements in order to meet the many challenges we face. In 2020, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company NP ROLPIN, which has developed a real know-how in the valorization of maritime pine. This longevity demonstrates our ability to adapt

NANKAÏ PLYWOOD, at our side to build the future. NP ROLPIN belongs to the Japanese group NANKAI PLYWOOD. The company has over 75 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of interior design products.Japanese excellence in interior design. NANKAI PLYWOOD Co. is a Japanese group of companies mainly engaged in the manufacture and marketing of wood building materials for building interiors.It has a research center, a factory in Shido, a logistics center, a warehouse in Asahimachi and two factories (Surabaya and Lumajang).NANKAI PLYWOOD products meet the highest standards. Light, resistant and easy to use, they are suitable for the most demanding customers. The group is engaged to the development of sustainable, quality and environmentally friendly products. Nankaï Plywood: positive innovation as a driving force. NANKAI PLYWOOD takes on new and innovative challenges every day. At the heart of

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