NP ROLPIN reinvents the aesthetics of maritime pine plywood. Thanks to its technological tools, it offers high-end products capable of transforming simple wood projects into unique and original creations.

Plywood bends to the demands of design.

Our panels seduce many architects, designers, scenographers and plastic artists, in France and abroad.

NP ROLPIN plywood preserves the original aesthetics of wood and enriches it with a vast graphic palette.

Plywood is easy to work and to machine. It has excellent mechanical properties.

Thanks to its technical qualities, it can meet the many requirements of interior design.

Plywood is affordable, easy to work with and has excellent mechanical properties. It can be bent and can withstand high stresses.

Thanks to its technical qualities, it allows precise assemblies for interior design.

Its warm and harmonious appearance creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Whether for art installations, layout projects, stage design, furniture or artists’ objects and pieces, plywood exalts wood.

Yui panels with a unique design.

To go even further, NP ROLPIN has developed the YUI®design range. Original and captivating, this collection made in the Landes region in France is inspired by nature and enhances the interior.

It features exclusive decors and a choice of 4 finishes: raw, varnished, bronze and metallic.

These finishes offer “natural”, “shiny”, “metallic” and “pearly” effects, depending on the option.

It’s up to you to let your imagination run wild…


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