The solution for interior design, the light solid wood slat panel, MDF finish.
Produced from Indonesian Falcata wood, the J-Light is easy to machine, light and can be used in many fields: furniture, interior decoration.

The Plus :
– Dimensional stability
– Mechanical resistance
– MDF finish
– Machinability

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Product features

Dimensions 1225 x 2980 mm and 1450 x 4150 mm
Thicknesses From 20 to 50 mm
Density From 420 to 670 kg/m3
Uses Furniture, layout, interior design…
Collage For dry environment (indoor)
Release of formaldehyde From 0.05 to 0.13 mg/l
Resistance to bending From 1.66 to 0.76 N/mm2
Resistance to tearing From 452.8 to 491.8
Certificate FLEGT for EU by Indonesia
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