Our values, our commitment

With the help of NANKAI PLYWOOD Co Group, we are building the future of NP ROLPIN together. NANKAI PLYWOOD Co has over 75 years of experience in manufacturing and selling interior design products. NANKAI PLYWOOD is a recognized player in interior design in Japan and is the market leader thanks to its high value-added, quality, durable and environmentally friendly products. The Group makes customer satisfaction a priority. NANKAI PLYWOOD’s high-end products meet the highest standards.

Half a century in the service of maritime pine development

Numerous signals are pushing us to shape our development strategy and our commitments in order to meet the many challenges we face.
In 2020, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company NP ROLPIN, which has developed a real know-how in the valorization of maritime pine. This longevity demonstrates our capacity to adapt to the multiple evolutions of the market.
Today, we are always ready to take up many challenges, thanks to the support of the Japanese Group NANKAI PLYWOOD Co. We strongly believe in the potential of local wood.

NP ROLPIN‘s development strategy is based on fundamentals that cement our values and commitments. Pioneer in the manufacture of plywood exclusively designed in France, we develop ranges for interior and exterior use

– A quality production, exclusively designed in France. Pioneer in the manufacture of plywood, we develop ranges for interior and exterior use, in compliance with French and European standards.

– Innovation as a guiding principle: we reinvent ourselves every day by developing new technological tools to serve our customers. We focus on high-end and design products for interior design.

– Design, a reflection of our creativity: the company is constantly collaborating with renowned designers and architects. Throughout the world, we showcase the variety and beauty of our maritime pine solutions.

– Sustainable development as our DNA: we offer sustainable and healthy products for the home, with respect for the resource.

– human management: united around a common set of values, our teams experiment with new areas of continuous improvement.


NP ROLPIN: commitments on quality and innovation.

We manufacture 3 million m² of plywood per year. – 5 patented ranges – 26 product references – 14 standards and certifications among the strictest in the world.

NP ROLPIN makes it a point of honor to manufacture quality products, designed in France.

Pioneers in the manufacture of Landes pine plywood, we offer high-performance and innovative panels.

The fields of application of plywood panels are multiple: interior design, design, industrial applications, building and construction.

In order to best meet the needs of our customers and offer them new products on the market, we remain on constant technological watch.

NP ROLPIN: circular economy and short circuit as engagements

Located in the heart of the Landes forest, we source local wood for the manufacture of our plywood and panels. Equipped with optimized production and distribution tools, we minimize our travels between the different stages of production: exploitation of the raw material, transformation, distribution to the final consumer.

On a daily basis, we are constantly seeking to improve our manufacturing process. We thus adhere to a logic of circular economy and short circuit, in the respect of the resource.

The preservation of human values

From our point of view, there is no sustainable production without a close-knit team. We feel fully invested with a responsibility towards its employees and for the sustainable exploitation of the wood resource.

This is why we base our strategy on an ambitious CSR (social and environmental responsibility) policy. This translates into a human management, better training and awareness of our employees to environmental issues.

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