Rolpin ROLAY and ECO are plywoods made of MARITIME PINE (French origin). Used for furnishings, furniture, carpentry, construction and packaging.
Format: 2500 x 1250 mm

The Plus :
Decorative panels
– NF Exterior CTB-X Structure
– Environmentally friendly
Cutting and machining on request

Where to find this product?

NP Rolpin ROLAY - ECO contreplaqués en PIN MARITIME - agencement-mobilier-menuiserie-construction-emballage. NP Rolpin ROLAY - eco contreplaqués en PIN MARITIME

See the two sides above:

Product features

Face Closed face, with healthy knots and wood pellets (max. 8/m²). Occasional mastic repairs
Counterface Open face, not repaired, admitting knotholes and cracks
Finish The 2 faces are sanded
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