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Plywood has undeniable aesthetic advantages. So discover all the facets of this wood material with a timeless and modern design, manufactured by NP ROLPIN.

A warm interior design with plywood


NP ROLPIN plywood is a quality product, developed according to a high technology process. This rigor and precision facilitate its use for interior design. Aesthetic, our products of arrangement seduce the most demanding customers thanks to their design and their simplicity of implementation.

Raw, varnished, painted, natural or with a 3D or sculpted effect, maritime pine plywood offers different styles and atmospheres.

NP ROLPIN plywood is the ideal product for wall coverings, furniture, store furnishings, etc.

NP ROLPIN plywood is the perfect product for wall coverings, furniture, and the creation of modules or libraries.

The assertive character of wood.

In its fireproof version, it is ideal for places receiving the public. It can be used in hotels, restaurants, stores, theaters, auditoriums, sports halls, airports and schools.

NP ROLPIN plywood: many virtues for interior design.

Thanks to its natural properties, wood brings a feeling of comfort and well-being to everyday life.

An excellent thermal insulator, it helps maintain a good level of hygrometry in the home.

From private to public buildings, plywood has a place of choice in all interior design projects.

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