Plywood panels, specially designed for the building and construction industry, are also helping to create the city of tomorrow. Approved for structural and outdoor use, they are the best choice for building efficient and sustainable buildings.

A plywood for the city of tomorrow.


Whether it’s a single-family home or a building, NP ROLPIN plywood panels have their place, from floor to ceiling, inside and out!

On the construction site, NP ROLPIN plywood provides multiple services. The filmed plywood panels, for example, are specially designed for concrete formwork.

Others are used for the realization of floors and dry slabs, or for the protection of final floor coverings. With an anti-slip surface, they are used for the realization of floors, platforms and in many other fields of the building.


Structural use in interior and exterior environments.

Thanks to their resistance to stresses and strains, plywood panels can be used in building and construction structures, under certain conditions.

Resistant to the most important stresses, NP ROLPIN plywood panels can be used in building and construction structures, in compliance with the rules of the art (protection and finishes adapted to the environment)

Our panels are then used for bracing or the manufacture of I-beams. Combined with insulating materials, they contribute to thermal and acoustic performances. They are ideal for the realization of chalets, garden sheds, fences, etc.

NP ROLPIN also offers design ranges to dress your interior walls. The panels become real decorative objects.

Scientifically proven performance

NP ROLPIN plywoods meet the requirements of the NF EN636-3 standard which authorizes their use in outdoor environments. They are also approved to the French marks NF Extérieur CTB-X for a structural or non-structural use.

For the “structural use” part, the following characteristics have been tested and validated by the FCBA technological institute:

– dimensionaltolerances;

– bonding quality ;

– biological durability ;

– mechanical characteristics (bending/module) ;

– rigidity and resistance for structural use;

– formaldehyde release (class E1 – European standards).

NP ROLPIN works in full transparency and makes available to its customers and suppliers all certificates and performance declarations.

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