A safe recovery

We resumed our activity on April 14th, after a 4 weeks break.
Thanks to the resilience of our teams and to the links forged with local players, this recovery is taking place under optimal security conditions, which will continue until the end of the year.

Numerous sanitary procedures are in place, including the strict application of barrier gestures, to reduce social contact.

Upon arrival, each employee disinfects his or her hands and workstation regularly. Hydroalcoholic gels and disinfectants are available all day. Precautionary locks are set up for receiving and sending deliveries to suppliers and customers.

Each employee is equipped with personal protective masks. A local association was kind enough to make us fabric masks, whose design is approved. These masks are equipped with disposable filters and are washed twice a day by us.

Thanks to the association, our partners and NP ROLPIN employees for their kindness and solidarity.
We must continue our efforts to meet this challenge, which allows us to innovate in our ways of working. Visit our Youtube channel to watch our business recovery in pictures: NP ROLPIN’s recovery in pictures

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