Paris Design Week, I am a Stool

The Ublik design workshop and experimental laboratory has transformed this same product into a design stool. Called Gofr, because of its original waffle shape, the stool is available for sale in limited edition.

I am a Stool is the result of the GOFR algorithm, determining the genome of a design, a kind of accelerated interface between the drawing and the tool, between the idea and its concretization. This algorithm is not attached to a result but to a self-taught method guided by the act of making. I am a Stool is made because it could be made, freeing itself from the limits of use, reason and sense, raising through its size questions that a simple stool could not have done.

National Archives . Hotel de Soubise . 75003 Paris
Paris Design Week 19

The change of scale, from one to ten, from design to architecture, questions disciplinary boundaries and constructive techniques. Plywood is used for its strength, lightness and compatibility with digital tooling, with the GOFR algorithm, but also with the BAM construction system. A symbiosis of two processes made possible by a shared experience of the tool and the material.

To make a seat a monument is to provoke a change of point of view, to experience the object and its use in order to draw meaning from it, to stand up and consider its importance.

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