Plywood wall decor for a “carved wood” effect

Specialized in the production of Maritime Pine plywood panels, NP ROLPIN presents its carved wood effect plywood wall decor, YUI Design. This new innovation in the 3D wall covering market makes your home a haven of peace.

Decorations with “Zen” motifs

The Yui Design® line of decorative panels is 100% designer and is designed to enhance interior architecture. Original and captivating, this collection is inspired by nature to offer exotic decorations, made with a local species: the maritime pine.

These decorative panels, manufactured in the Landes region, offer an amazing graphic aspect and surprising material effects, while preserving the natural aspect of this wood species.

5 exclusive designs of plywood wall decor

Multiple facets appear through 5 exclusive designs, thanks to high precision digital machining. Sculpted in the mass, the patterns play on the rhythms, the volumes and the colors:

NAMI is a motif inspired by the ebb and flow of the sea, the hypnotic undulation of its waves;
HANE acts on our imagination like the poetic flight of birds, with its feathery shapes;
MORI is an invitation to walk in the heart of the forest: its “Domino” format recalls the alignment of trunks;
HAYASHI brings regularity, evoking the wood and its grain;
HANA forms a geometrically perfect bouquet of flowers.

Original finishes

Because each interior is unique, these decors are available in two sizes (240X60 cm and 240X120 cm) and 4 finishes: raw, varnished, bronze, metallic. These finishes offer “natural”, “glossy”, “metallic”, “pearlescent” effects, depending on the option. The brand and models are all registered.

Custom-made creations for a unique plywood wall decoration!

Thanks to NP ROLPIN’s know-how and its mastery of woodworking, the company is able to meet specific demands by producing exclusive, custom-made decors. The panels can also benefit from a fireproof treatment.

The implementation of YUI Design decors does not require any special tools. Ready to install, they are fixed by nailing on a frame, in order to realize wall facings, wall lining or decorative ceilings.

It is also possible to create furniture (headboards, dressing room doors, desk tops, screens), objects or even paintings as real works of art… No matter how many panels are used, their junctions remain invisible, repeating the pattern without unsightly breaks.

The only limit will be your imagination! To inspire you, discover the multiple fields of application of this decoration…

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